websites needs both

Beauty and

Quality Responsive / Custom Website Designing Services

A Creative Website Design that effectively present your Brand, Products & Services

Crafting creativity pieces by pieces with your website’s mission and vision in mind.

At Hillious, we create a blend of creativity with best practices for web design & development in order to create an interactive and modern experience that is brand focused. Our user-friendly and engaging website designs are completely effortless for ease of navigation & creation of a striking look.

What defines website design?

Website designing is strategic planning, creation, as well as updates to the existing website elements. Additionally, it also involves the informational architecture, user interface, website structure, navigation ergonomics, colors, website layout, contrasts, imagery, fonts, and icon designs. All these, when combined in the right proportion, tends to form a great website.

At Hillious, we opt for the best website designing practices with every element considered as a priority when it comes to implementation. You wouldn’t want your content in white color placed over a white background, right? We thought so too! Designing a website requires thinking carefully for each element before it is placed in a strategic position on the website. The right thing to do is pick one element one at a time to ensure everything goes in the right place. Our team packs the best elements for your website making it a great piece that allows proper navigation, visibility, content placement, faster loading pages, etc.

When should you redesign the website?

The need for a website redesigning protocol jumps in when:

•    Website is not User-Friendly
•    Poor User Experience of Website
•    Not Getting Expected Results
•    Doesn’t Optimized for the Latest Browsers
•    Website is not Responsive
•    Website is not Mobile Optimized
•    Lower Effectiveness of Website
•    Lower ROI / Conversions
•    Your business has been underperforming for quite sometime
•    Higher bounce rate
•    Haphazard content placement
•    Declining rates for lead conversion

How to craft the right design for the website?

The scales to design a perfectly functional and aesthetically soothing website cannot be learned overnight. This is why, at Hillious, we house some of the highly experienced designers and developers who know just the right way to design a website that houses the capability to grab the best from the market. From defining the success stances for a website to the proper scripting of what goes where everything for us is a properly planned journey that eventually leads to the right destination. 

Contributing factors for a great web design

•    Layout:
Any designer should always start with proper hierarchy by establishing the layout of the website to be designed. We align the content, functionality, and layout with each other before we start thinking about anything else. 
•    Color:
The use of colors varies according to the brand and what they sell. Hillious houses a team that uses the right colors for the mission promoted by a brand. While flashy colors are for websites that are meant for luxury, fashion, and style, the mellow ones are for general category services. 
•    Fonts:
We ensure that the font does not dominate other content of the website. Perfect sizing and styling are what we research for before implementing the same on your website. 
•    Content:
Your website is nothing without good content. Our content creation and placement process involve proper research to ensure a website with “A” business don’t showcase content with “B” product. 
•    Graphics:
Gifs, pictures, and videos add to the charm of the website by adding a sense of color and uniqueness to the website. Our team collects, picks, and places the most relevant ideas onto your website to ensure that you rank and that too at the top positions.