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Old is Gold but not Today: OLD SEO VS NEW SEO Practices

If you are one of those website owners, who has been plugging in the blog posts or web content of their business website with keywords, its time you should revamp the way you see the SEO practices that are too old to be used today. As we entered the 2010s era, the SEO practices have changed substantially. The spammy tactics used previously aren’t something that is going to work today.

At Hillious, we are constantly in tune with what in new in the digital market regarding SEO practices. SEO optimization hasn’t been perfected yet by the search engines, but it is much closer to the real deal.

The aim today is the optimization of content with the audience in purview. Today, we create content that your audience that perfectly engages with.

While the old SEO practices involved the use of singular keyword with page focused words, the new tactics are focused primarily on the way the audience engage with any particular brand, service, and product. The old methodologies were ranking focused while the new ones are ROI focused.

Tactics used for the improvement of SEO Rankings

At Hillious, we use the following tactics for the improvement of SEO rankings:
•    Website Analysis -  Depth & Beyond
•    Competitor Research and Analysis
•    Keyword Analysis
•    Content Analysis
•    Analyze Your Backlinks
•    Optimize for Mobile
•    Security and Privacy Analysis
•    Optimize Site Speed
•    Optimize for Voice Search
•    Google Structured Data Analysis
•    Developing long-term Robust Strategy for SEO
•    YouTube SEO for video Optimization
•    Improved engagement for improvement of rankings
•    Focus on the topics rather than keywords
•    Creation of Quality backlinks
•    Analysis and reporting of SEO strategy progress
•    Effective Landing pages

What’s changing with SEO?

The search engines will keep changing the SEO algorithm for rankings until perfected which is why constant strategy innovation is completely necessary. This is what we do at Hillious. We constantly upgrade our tactics for SEO in order to ensure that everything is updated for your brand website as per the latest SEO changes. Today as we speak, the SEO strategies are being modified, erased, or implemented by the developers.

Features such as SERP based on local packs, featured snippets, knowledge panels, and many more are currently stealing the attention of the search engine scourers. Another change that is attracting better SEO is the presence of structured data in the websites.

A rich snippet is obvious to attract better traffic as opposed to a regular one. Survival of what runs the fastest is another SEO practice dominating the current digital domain in terms of ranking. The faster your page opens up, the better it ranks. At Hillious, our team ensures all these and much more brought for your website at affordable prices.

What will help my website obtain visibility over popular search engines?

SEO is a process of stringent strategies fused in a customized pattern to ensure that the brand is visible to its target audience over the search engine. Hillious understands that proper definitions for your brand position & identity are what bring better traffic with proper implementation of any strategies to come.

We ensure that proper research is the base of any work dispatched by our team. We search for the best keywords to obtain better hold over the ranking pattern while building proper links for the website. We promote, diversify, and segregate your content to refine the local SEO.

When is the perfect time to initiate SEO practice for a fresh website?

This is probably the top from the list of questions various clients ask us. To them, our answer is just one. You need to start ASAP! There is no perfect time when it comes to SEO practices. The sooner it begins, the better it is for your brand. SEO practices take a good load of time which is why it is imperative for you to allow your website some time to develop. You cannot expect results right away as these things take time. However, at Hillious, we try our best to bring out the results as soon as possible with a team that works for accelerated growth while ensuring zero penalties from the search engines.

Did your SEO ranking just drop?

This might happen when you have played too hard with false links or use strategies that don’t apply to the current changes. We understand that a drop in the ranking can be nothing less than a sharp blow to the head which is why we opt for practices that are ethical and updated with the current standards for SEO. Anything that hits the market is acquired by our team to be implemented for your website.

What role does SEO play in your web profile improvement?

As a website owner, it is imperative that you understand that SEO plays a major role when it comes to the improvement of your web profile. A big chunk of users over the search engine tends to click over one from top 5 websites listed from SERPS. SEO also improves the usability and user experience that comes from a website. SEO isn’t limited to ranking or business; it brings brand loyalty, and trust factor which indirectly boosts your sales rhythm. With a wonderful web profile, the team at Hillious ensures that you put yourself one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to the competitive domain.

So rank over the popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. and flaunt an optimized brand presence.